Auf der Laube. Studio Huette, Berlin, 12.04.-05.05.2020



"Auf der Laube"


Opening 12.4.2020





Odur Odessa, Franziska Harnisch, Jinran Ha, Barbara Bulhao

Carla Souto, Claudia Holzinger, Elisa Breyer, Lenia Hauser 

Francisco Duarte Coelho, Georg Vierbuchen

Gaspar Scholl Chafirovitch, Ilana Pichon, Paul Diestel

Rafael Raposo Pires, Joongyong Kim, Laura Ballon, Maria Serga

Niklas Apfel, Nora Keilig, Patrick Ostrowsky, Rudolfs Stamers

Yannick Riemer, Lisa-Maria Steppacher, Katia Clicks, Kevin Lüdicke Björn Heyn, 

Fred Unruh, Pedro Tinoco, Lena Skrabs, Paloma Sanchez-Palencia 



Paul Diestel



"pas de deux" 2019

70 x 40 x 11 cm

poplar wood, earth, chalk, bone glue



Fascinated by things in the process of transformation I collect natural finds. By reducing them to an archetypical, simple shape, I create new objects, that are connected and though freed from their origin. For me, the sculptural process is a digging for the essential by removing the nonessential. Trough the many layers of natural pigments, I enclose my sculptures with a surface that covers the form like a protective skin. 

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